Well, last night was interesting. I am laying in bed reading just before I go to sleep and I get this weird text message from a number I don’t recognize. This is how it goes:

Them: 😉

Me: Who is this?

Them: Your number showed up on my phone….who are you :O

Me: Is this Britt?

Them: Nope. Keep guessing…

Me: I’m sorry I have no idea. I don’t know how my number ended up on ur phone, Sorry.

Them: No problem…some of my friends use this phone. No harm done.

Me: Ok…I just don’t understand why my number would show up.

Them: Is this Sian?

Me: Depends…who is this?

Them: Is Joe’s wife you fucking bitch. Stop following my husband.

Them: If you want him so much, come an get him

Them: What? No answer now?

Them: Waiting for an answers. If there is nothing going on between you and my husband then you need to come clean.  Or should I ask your man?

Me: Well you could ask my man since he knows all about Joe. There has never been anything but friendship between us.

Me: I am going to bed. Feel free to contact me tomorrow with any other questions. Goodnight.

Them: I will ask him. Is hard to believe that just friends with text more than 30 times a day. Don’t you have a life? Stay the fuck away from my husband. Go find someone else to fuck with.

Now in the meantime I am getting texts from my friend Joe.

Joe: I’m sorry. Please don’t tell her anything. She doesn’t know that you are back in ___________. I will talk to you tomorrow.

Me: Didn’t say a word. I’m sorry.

Joe: Please text me back so I can show my wife that we have nothing more than a friendship.

Me: We have nothing more than friendship. That is all we have ever had.

Joe (his wife really): So what about the big amounts of texts back and for

Me: We have been friends since 5th grade. We have always talked easily about everything.

I feel bad for his wife, because he should have told her who I was in the first place instead of letting her think I was just some stalker who wanted to get in his pants. (He wishes). I was hoping at one time that my family and his family could get together for cookouts and let our kids play at the park. That me and his wife would become friends and Joe and my hubs could hang out too. I don’t see that happening now that she thinks I want to jump her husband. All we do is chat about life. His mine. I even asked him when his anniversary is exactly cause I knew it was coming up, so I could get them a card or something. Maybe, wth a little time it will all work out, but I am highly doubting that now.


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