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Dumb Shit

Dumb shit! That is what I am. I went against my own motto, “only fools trust willingly” and got royally fucked over. This person I thought was my friend, he was all lies. Asked him if he had Facebook and he said no. Come to find out he’s had it for years. I am just … Continue reading

It’s Been Awhile

Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. I have been in this depressive funk. I can’t seem to find any joy in my life. I know I have kids and a husband who love me but when you really come down to it, that is it. I’ve started therapy again, so don’t worry … Continue reading

I Figured it Out

I finally figured something out. I woke up today and my heart was pounding and my hands were shaking. I lay in bed a little dumbfounded. I am the only one without a son. Let me give you a little back story. My mother has always been of the belief that you must have at … Continue reading

Goodbye Friend

Well, after crying and being more hurt and angry than I think I have ever been, I have decided to not even try and work on my relationship with my “friend” of 25 years. I have thought about it and he obviously didn’t even fight for our friendship. He gave her my number, and he … Continue reading


Well, last night was interesting. I am laying in bed reading just before I go to sleep and I get this weird text message from a number I don’t recognize. This is how it goes: Them: 😉 Me: Who is this? Them: Your number showed up on my phone….who are you :O Me: Is this … Continue reading

Starting Anew

   Sorry it has taken me so long to post again, but we were busy packing and moving. We are staying in NC for the summer to be around friends and family. My hubs has to work in AZ and then transfer to VA. Anyways, the girls and I are enjoying staying in NC. The … Continue reading

My Life Today

Today I woke up again at an ungodly hour! I can never sleep. All those years of being on edge and waiting for the other foot to drop. My cousin is in town for a week and I am hoping to spend time with her and her kids. She has always been more of a … Continue reading